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Military Projects

Squadron Operations and Support Facility - Stewart International Airport

Owner: New York Air National Guard
Location: Newburgh, N.Y.

This project was part of a $150 million program to locate the 105th Military Airlift Group at Stewart International Airport. The 105th flies 14 C-5 aircraft from this base and conducts military airlift service to all points of the globe. The 42,000-square-foot building houses the Squadron Operations, Life Support Sytem and Repair, Telecommunications Center, and the Police Facility.

Project Features:

  • Squadron Operations - a training facility for pilots and flight crews, base weather station, flight planning area, and command post
  • Life Support System and Repair - repair and storage of flight gear
  • Base Police Office - a security center for the Air Guard Base, includes an arms vault for arms and ammunition
  • Telecommunications Center - a secure Class “A” computer center for the operation and administration of the squadron and for encoding and decoding classified messages
  • Ground face block and ribbon windows
  • 213-seat auditorium for top secret conferencing