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Military Projects

Squadron Operations and Simulator Facility - Otis Air Force Base

Owner: Massachusetts Air National Guard
Location: Natick, Mass.

The Massachusetts Air National Guard wanted a distinctive facility to house its base of operations for flying crews, as well as an F-15 flight simulator for its units stationed at Otis Air Force Base. Since this building was the first in a proposed rebuilding of this part of the base, the Guard wanted to establish a standard of quality for the aesthetics of future buildings. The solution provided a highly functional building that presents itself with a unique character while still maintaining the design objective of providing an energy-efficient, durable, low-maintenance, and economical building.

Project Features:

  • 22,000-square-foot Squadron Operations and Simulator Facility
  • 35-foot-high simulator room with tempest shielding in the walls
  • Large briefing room
  • Command post and supporting rooms
  • Flight planning room with glass wall for view of the aircraft parking and flight line
  • Computerized flight simulator for F-15s

Squadron Operations and Simulator Facility entrance