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State & Local Government Projects

Southern District Police Facility

Owner: Anne Arundel County
Location: Anne Arundel County, Md.

Anne Arundel County not only wanted a new state of the art police facility that was secure and safe, but also one that “fit” into the residential community where it would be located. This requirement dictated careful consideration of building layout and resulted in a plan arrangement where the booking area and police staff areas are shielded from pubic view, and the Public/Community Room and Administration areas are visible and accessible to the public. Additionally, the building massing, scale, roof slopes, and exterior brick facades were designed so that this facility would be a natural fit into this residential community.

Project Features:

  • 15,000-square-foot District Police Facility
  • 14 holding cells
  • Police facilities for 100 officers
  • Public meeting room
  • Fuel island and heliport for county use