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Commercial / Industrial Projects

Blue Chip Federal Credit Union

Owner: Blue Chip Federal Credit Union
Location: Harrisburg, Pa.

Today, sustainability is at the forefront of the engineering industry. Owners and consultants are seeking creative ways to incorporate sustainable principles into projects of all sizes. The Blue Chip Federal Credit Union (BCFCU), located on Derry Street in Harrisburg, Pa., is a model that illustrates why building new is not always best.

Gannett Fleming Architects, Inc. provided a variety of services for this 4,560-square-foot addition and renovation project, including a feasibility study, zoning variance application, design concept, 3-D modeling, construction documents, and construction-phase services.

Project Sustainable Strategies:

  • Land reuse and increased utilization of already developed properties reduces pressure on our open, undeveloped, and agricultural spaces
  • Plantings and reflective roofing reduce heat island effect and air conditioning loads
  • Water-conserving plumbing fixtures save potable water
  • On-site renewable energy reduces grid loads and dependence on polluting fuels; the project features a three kilowatt, roof-mounted photovoltaic array, and the addition acts as a direct gain sun space to assist in winter heating
  • High-performance insulation and glass reduce energy losses and increase occupant comfort
  • Spaces are designed to take advantage of daylight and views for occupant comfort and efficiency
  • Mechanical and lighting systems are designed to conserve energy
  • Reuse of the existing building keeps its materials out of the landfill and requires fewer new materials
  • Materials with recycled content and renewable materials are used throughout the project, including carpet, wood, steel, and aluminum
  • The project is designed with local and regional materials, such as Pennsylvania Bluestone veneer panels; local projects not only limit trucking, but also contribute to a healthy local economy