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Commercial / Industrial Projects

M&M Mars Plant Office Renovation

Owner: Mars Snackfood, US LLC
Location: Hackettstown, N.J.

Known worldwide for its production of colorful candies, Mars Snackfoods is synonymous with fun. After renovating its administrative facility in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Mars decided that the offices at its adjacent M&M manufacturing plant were looking a little dull by comparison. Finishes and furnishing were worn and in need of replacement. Company leaders saw an opportunity to infuse some fun into plant offices, while also enhancing their function.

Gannett Fleming Architects have worked with Mars Snackfoods for nearly a decade, assisting with a number of renovation projects, as well as programming efforts for a new Innovation Center. Designers met with plant administrators to review the functional requirements of spaces targeted for renovation. Mars corporate policy encourages an open office environment without individual walls or partitions. Open work spaces are supported by enclosed conference rooms and informal meeting areas, including strategically located “Snack Shacks” that provide free Mars products for both employees and plant visitors.

Designers created a plan to strengthen the facility’s corporate identity and liven up the offices with M&M branded colors, characters, and logos. Our team specified new finishes, furniture, millwork, and fixtures for an informal meeting space, offices, conference rooms, main lobby, corridors, and corporate cafeteria. Bright candy colors encircle the Snack Shacks, accent walls, and new rounded doorways. Large M&M characters on the walls greet passersby with a smile. A new wall of freeform panels adds branding to the lobby and helps to restrict views into the plant. The new finishes, furnishings, and colors create an uplifting work environment that now reflects the spirit of the products manufactured here each day.