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Commercial / Industrial Projects

DSM Global Nutritional Center

Location: Parsippany, N.J.

Gannett Fleming Architects, Inc. provided architectural services for a 15,000-sqare-foot design-build renovation of a best-in-class showcase for the Nutritional and Food Application Center. The application center will serve a dual purpose as a research and development (R&D) laboratory and as an interface to DSM’s customers. The contract began with a feasibility study and an objective needs based programming analysis.

The design provides functional R&D laboratories with professional interior elements suitable for DSM's nutritionists to showcase clients. The design features include modular chillers, dedicated variable air volume, and 100 percent outdoor air primary air units serving a recirculating fan coil system in each laboratory allowing for deep energy conservation based on demand ventilation control. Customized low-flow baffled canopy hoods provide additional energy savings.

The scope included specifying custom walk-in working stability chambers featuring environmentally friendly refrigerants and water atomizing humidifiers. The application center will be used to strengthen both local and international expertise and increase customer familiarity with DSM products.

DSM Savory lab